Alpha and The Environment


Alpha Specialist Contracting Limited has prepared an environmental policy that reflects the diverse nature of its activities. The Company is currently seeking accreditation to BS EN ISO 14001. The formalisation of the Company’s environmental procedures is being designed to integrate fully with the Company’s Quality Management System, which is registered to BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 (Certificate No 7373QM8001)

Policy review
The Company will ensure, through the Directors, that this policy is subject to a process of regular reviews so that account is taken of developments in legislation, technology and the rising aspirations of society as they affect the environment.

Alpha Specialist Contracting Limited’s objective is to balance the need to achieve its business aims with the need to satisfy society’s rising environmental aspirations and to improve the quality of the environment in the local communities, which may be affected by its operations.
Management Responsibilities The primary responsibility for implementing the policy lies with Line Management that is with Site Managers. The Company’s Quality and Safety Directors will provide specialist advice to line management and will assist in carrying out periodic environmental audits.

Line Management Responsibilities
The Site Manager is charged with the responsibility for implementing the Company’s environmental policy.
He may delegate to nominated members the day-to-day responsibility for the environment of the works.
He is responsible for ensuring: (inter alia)

  1. A high standard of housekeeping is maintained at his works and, where responsible, take steps to reduce odour, noise, dust, atmospheric pollution and other impacts thereby avoiding complains arising out of operations on the works,
  2. In planning the operations of his works the social and environmental consequences are considered,
  3. The site is kept in a clean and tidy manner and a high standard of appearance is maintained,
  4. All records of environmental monitoring, especially those agreed with regulatory bodies are maintained and available for inspection in accordance with current legislation,
  5. The workforce is regularly informed of the environmental conditions at the site, and is trained to operate the equipment with proper regard for the environment, and is involved in any proposed changes,

Other Line Management Responsibilities

  1. Any complaints regarding work operations are dealt with fairly and promptly; and the details of the investigation and action taken are recorded in a complaints register and reported back to the complainant,
  2. Transport leaving the site carries no dirt onto the public highway and that, where necessary, wheel cleaning be used and that hauliers are encouraged to sheet their lorries to prevent particulates blowing off the load.

Waste Materials
In respect of any waste materials generated at its sites, Alpha Specialist Contracting Limited will:

  1. Dispose of all effluents and waste in accordance with the relevant requirements,
  2. Research into methods of reducing the quantity produced,
  3. Promote the recycling of materials compatible with all considerations of safety,
  4. Dispose of hazardous wastes at authorised sites only after efforts have been made to reduce the quantity of the material and to render it harmless.

Alpha Specialist Contracting Limited policy is to ensure that through regular auditing and reporting, the highest practicable standards of environmental management are achieved at their sites. Alpha Specialist Contracting Limited will undertake a process of continuous auditing at all its sites, covering all pollution control, environmental management and general housekeeping.

Purchasing and Supply
Alpha Specialist Contracting Limited will:

  1. Pursue a policy of economic salvage, recycling and refurbishment of materials to maximise utilisation and life and so reduce environmentally costly wastage and the unnecessary consumption of resources,
  2. Facilitate and require the use of diesel or unleaded petrol in all its vehicles,
  3. Initiate a review of purchasing specifications to determine the potential for the use of less environmentally harmful products

Alpha Specialist Contracting Limited’s objective is to support the implementation of the environmental policy through technical services and regular environmental training, and to promote greater dissemination of environmental information to its employees and the general public.

Responsibility for implementing this policy rests with the undersigned, but the commitment to achieving these objectives is shared by all Alpha Specialist Contracting Limited’s employees

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