Alpha Quality Assurance

alpha QA

Alpha Specialist Contracting Limited recognizes the need to provide the Client a service, which conforms to all aspects of generally accepted workmanship standards, safety standards and contractually specified requirements.

Quality is of vital importance to the Company and we are totally committed to maintaining and improving our Quality Management System which conforms to the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001: 2008

It is the objective of the Company to seek continual improvement in all aspects of our operations to ensure that all our customers’ needs and expectations are met.  Key performance indicators with targets are defined at our management review meetings where our performance against these stated targets will be reviewed and any necessary actions would be decided.

All employees are responsible for quality and are responsible for achieving the specified levels of quality at all stages of work which have an effect on the final quality of the service provided.  The quality assurance procedures are mandatory and specified in both the Company and Client requirements.

To ensure that each employee has a proper understanding of the quality function and their significant contribution to our success, we undertake a thorough training programme delivered through instruction, practical example and through in-house and/or specific CITB training.

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