Health and Safety

It is the policy of Alpha Specialist Contracting that all operations are carried out in such a manner as to prevent risk, accidents and incidents, ill health or environmental harm. The company is committed to the promotion of a safe working environment and development of a no risk culture amongst our employees. This extends to others who may be affected by our acts or omissions and includes visitors and members of the public. The policy objectives of Alpha Specialist Contracting are founded on legal requirements and good working practises and include:

  • The company will implement a management structure for Health, Safety and Environmental issues that clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of all employees.
  • The Managing Director has direct responsibility for the general oversight of health and safety and welfare within the company
  • The company will ensure that it engages a suitably qualified and competent professional for advice on Health, Safety and Environmental matters relevant to our business
  • Risk management strategies will be developed in consultation with our employees to develop a common understanding of the risks and how to control them
  • The company considers the well-being of its employees a priority and will provide information, training and consultation to reinforce this
  • Good practice in health and safety and the environment will be promoted through training, toolbox talks and provision of relevant information
  • The development of a ‘no risk culture’ will be supported by training and education of all employees
  • Clear and easily comprehensible instruction and guidance on health, safety and environmental law and how to attain compliance
  • Provision of practical guides and codes of good health and safety practice for activities relevant to the company and its employees
  • Employees will be rewarded where it is evident that they have fully embraced in all aspects of their employment the no risk philosophy of the company
  • Systems to ensure the progressive improvement of health and safety for all workers employed by Alpha Specialist Contracting
  • Proactive and reactive systems for monitoring and measurement of activities, achievements and performance
  • Appropriate reporting systems for accidents, incidents and ill health and a commitment to learn from such events and provide improvements where necessary
  • Environmental issues will be promoted through training and considered during the risk assessment process to ensure legal compliance with particular focus on waste minimisation and prevention of pollution.
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