Alpha Inspection Services - Concrete Chimneys

Reinforced concrete chimney stacks often operate in hostile and acidic environments. Frequent inspections are imperative to identify at an early stage the defects associated with such corrosive conditions. The results of these surveys allow for an early diagnosis of such defects, from which a proactive maintenance programme can be established. This enables the minimal operational disruption to production processes and allows for repairs to be undertaken during planned shutdown periods without the need for costly imposed outages.

Alpha undertake two main types of inspection processes on concrete chimney stacks dependent upon age and condition. Photographic visual examinations using rope access equipment are used on relatively modern slip form stacks built utilising up to date concrete technology. Older concrete stacks built using the jump shutter technique tend to be more susceptible to problems such as acid attack, thermal cracking, carbonation and delamination due to the porosity of the concrete. Thorough in-depth structural surveys utilising scaffolding, electric cradles, and analysis equipment are required on such stacks to ascertain the severity of the structural defects. This enables the correct method of repair to be identified and implemented. Proven methods used by Alpha for undertaking Inspections on concrete chimney Stacks include:

  • Visual Photographic Surveys
  • DVD Camera Surveys
  • Acoustic Hammer Testing
  • Covermeter Surveys & Mapping
  • Core Sampling (Compressive Strength Testing)
  • Carbonation Depth Testing
  • Acid Attack Depth Testing
  • Concrete Analysis
  • Hot Camera Internal Surveys. (Whilst Stack is Online)

Further to the inspection process, Alpha supply detailed structural reports on the condition of the stack along with the necessary repair specifications and costs involved. All reports are backed up with photographs of defects found during the inspection process and if required, DVD images can also be provided by Alpha.

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