Pennguard® Specialist Stack Linings

Alpha Specialist Contracting is an authorised distributor and installer of the closed-cell borosilicate glass Pennguard® Block Lining System. Lightweight borosilicate glass blocks are manufactured under highly controlled conditions, and are attached to the internal surface of power plant chimneys, stacks, flues, liners and ducts, using a durable, flexible adhesive.

The borosilicate glass blocks are completely impermeable due to their closed-cell structure. The adhesive remains flexible in the long term, allowing the Pennguard® borosilicate glass Block Lining System to last, potentially for decades.

Pennguard on brickPennguard installPennguard on brick

Pennguard® being applied to Firebrick

The Pennguard® borosilicate glass Block Lining System can be installed relatively simply onto brick, concrete, steel and FRP substrates of new and existing chimneys and ducts by local semi-skilled workers, under Alpha's supervision.

Technical Summary for Pennguard® chimney linings

  • Chemical resistance
    Pennguard on steel - suitable for a wide range of fuels (coal, oil, petcoke, lignite) and operating conditions
    - from low temperature wet flue gas to high temperature untreated gas, even with a high sulfur content
  • Temperature resistance
    - up to 200 °C / 392 °F, or even higher for short periods
  • Thermal shock and cycling resistance
  • Lightweight
    - 12 – 15 kg/m2 / 2.5 - 3 lbs/sqft, does not require anchors, very suitable for seismic regions
  • Long service life
    - virtually maintenance free
  • Uncomplicated installation method and suitable for a wide range of substrates
  • Highly suitable for most new and existing chimneys and ducts
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